Practical application of the method of processing coffee (natural, honey, wash) on farm coffee of the members of the union to The Coffee Farmer.

In the practical application the the method of processing coffee on farm coffee of the members of the union. The Coffee Farmer is gradually becoming one of the leading processing and supply top coffee high quality raw materials in the central Highlands (Vietnam) for roasters, exporters, So specific the method of processing coffee most popular in the world today? We learn together and study detailed in this article, okay!


It is method of coffee processing-natural (natural), method of processing coffee wet (washed/wet) and method raw honey (honey). Coffee processing are naturally dried raw left before being split casing and autumn is green. Coffee wet processing is separation of the shell and meat, berries, then fermented to remove the mucous layer before being dried, split casing, silk and autumn is green. Processing honey bridge the gap between coffee wet processing and coffee processing nature; berries are rubbing, stamping, remove coffee pods outside, just keep the character and the mucous layer (line), covered coffee beans, this method seems to use very little water.


Dry processing / processing natural / raw natural is one of the methods of processing coffee appeared oldest originates from countries in Africa, such as Ethiopia, Yemen, etc., where water resources are very scarce.

Whole coffee fruit ripening after harvest is first cleaned and then placed on exposure rig or staging thin layer side of the porch under the sun. Although the need to invest less, but it still requires some climate conditions certain to ensure the beans are dried-standard moisture 10-12%.

Practical application of the method of processing coffee (natural, honey, wash) on farm coffee of the members of the union to The Coffee Farmer.
Practical application of the method of processing coffee (natural, honey, wash) on farm coffee of the members of the union to The Coffee Farmer.

Coffee after drying raw results will be preserved in plastic bags closed and is rubbing, stamping, peeled before shipping to the roaster. This is also considered methods of retention of the best in coffee beans. Bring the product line has complex flavors (complex), rich.

To improve the quality of coffee beans and green at the same time creating the product line has the unique development of the flavor potential there is in raw coffee. Today the coffee processing also create more variations of this method such as method of coffee processing-natural (natural) combined fermentation in the left, fermentation anaerobic (anaerobic) fermentation aerobic fermentation Kifer, sugar can, ... or in combination with the “con men” to be cultured in the laboratory environment.


Other processing methods, dry simply expose it to the sun or drying the seeds, then take crushed. Method of wet processing very expensive and are often applied to processing most types of specialty coffee.

Crust wrapped outside the ripe coffee berries are removed by rubbing, stamping comes with a large water, coffee beans, still a small amount of coffee pods still remain, however they must be get rid off in the following stages. Next, the fermentation process must be carefully monitored to ensure that the coffee is not obtained sour taste undesirable. For most types of coffee, the removal of mucus through the fermentation process takes from 8 to 36 hours, depending on the temperature, thickness of the mucus layer and the concentration of the enzyme.

This means that processing of coffee beans according to the wet method can highlight characteristics really about the country of origin's only 1 like coffee (single origin coffee). It also proves in part for the reasons why a lot of specialty coffee back is the application method of processing this.

This method often appear in countries such as East Africa, South America, Central America.


Title processing “honey” makes many people believe that honey is an ingredient that is used in the production process of coffee or coffee-like taste honey but the reality is not so! This process is named from feeling adhesive by mucous layer/layer sugar in coffee pods ripe fruit cling to, like honey, of the coffee bean when it is dried. When a coffee bean is separated from the coffee, it was still covered in a layer of mucus, when to be dried will continue to absorb moisture from the air and become adhesive. Coffee beans drying in the sun to 12-13% moisture and lose from 10 to 20 days.

Processing honey bridge the gap between coffee wet processing and natural, as it usually possesses physical (body) and the sweetness of raw natural while keeping some of the acidity of the method of wet processing. Coffee processing of honey often have to physically complete (full body) and sweet stretched along with the sour balance.

Currently this is the method of processing coffee are the processing options, the most special for the varieties Robusta coffee (Robusta Honey) due to meet the standards of the roaster when looking for his product line, flavorful, delicate taste, sweet deep down.


So is The Coffee Farmer has points through 3 The method of processing coffee the most popular today. Detail the methods of processing honey, natural, wash will be The Coffee Farmer share in the posts to come.

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